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Studying is super-easy on our exclusive e-learning platform. At your disposal is a variety of virtual tools that will help you learn, including 100% live online classes, 24/7 class recordings, interactive presentations, homework, evaluations, and academic advisors who will guide you throughout the learning process.


¡The Aviation Student’s HUB in America!

Join us to study aviation online with a series of tools designed especially for you. With us, you can study at home on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Then, after completing the course, you can fly in any country that is part of our network of academic partners.

We offer complete courses that teach you everything you need to know to become a commercial airplane pilot or helicopter pilot, a mechanic, a cabin crew member, a flight dispatcher, or a passenger service agent … or simply to learn how to fly. With our online learning platform, you have a variety of options.

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Study online in your own country and graduate wherever you want.

When you enroll with us, you become part of the largest network of certified schools in America. With us, all the borders are open and your learning is international in scope.

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When you study online 24/7 with us, you have complete freedom and flexibility. We know that your life is busy you have to work and you want to spend time with friends and family. Therefore, we make studying simple and convenient. It’s something you can do at any time.

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¿What do E-Fly students think about us?

"A family, a home where we all share the same passion for aviation."

Joustyn F. Cordero

"Great instructors. Among students, we are a family, super recommended course!"

Kristel León

"A passion, a dream and a family. All together with aviation."

Freddy G. Gómez

"Thanks to e-fly, I gained a family that accompanies me and supports me in following all my dreams!!!"

Herberth Alfaro

There are many countries where you can fly

...we give you many opportunities.

Advantages of Studying Online

Take classes online on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

International exchange program; study in any country in our network.

Significant money savings compared to other programs.

Job opportunities with leading companies.

Fast progress depending on your performance and availability.

Take lessons with a simple internet connection.

Proven Methodology

›› Access to lessons 24/7 throughout America.

›› Take live online classes at your convenience and without changing your lifestyle.

›› You choose when you want to study; recorded classes are available 24/7 on our website.

›› Certified instructors who will advise you throughout the learning process.

›› Participate in classes from the comfort of your home or office with a simple internet connection.

›› Save time and money; you don’t need to attend a traditional school.

›› The aircraft operated for flight training includes the most used models in the United States and Europe.

starting at $79*

Aviation English

per month

*american dollars
Unit 1
ATIS, weather issues,
clearance delivery, walk-around,
pushback, taxi, CRM, delays, on-ground emergencies.
Unit 2
Departure & Take-off
airport navigation, take-off, departure traffic, wind shear, wake turbulence,
bird strikes, engine fire.
enroute traffic, TCAS, location reports route and level changes, CAT, medical emergencies, fire, pressurization.
Unit 3
separations and flow control, weather, mechanical problems, approach vectoring, ILS, missed approaches.
Unit 4
inbound taxi, confirming &
verifying, unfamiliar airports, gate delays,
post-flight checklists, passenger issues.
Taxi & Post-Flight
Unit 5
Analisis y discusiones de eventos reales y ficticios relacionados con los problemas de comunicación.
Case Studies
Unit 6
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